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BEAKEY Makeup Sponge, Latex Free Beauty Sponge Blender for Blending Foundation Powder, Rose 6 Count

BEAKEY Makeup Sponge, Latex Free Beauty Sponge Blender for Blending Foundation Powder, Rose 6 Count

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GTIN/UPC: 4270000618550
Assembled Product Weight: 0.132 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.84 x 6.69 x 1.97 Inches


Product details

BEAKEY makeup sponges feature a unique upgraded formula. Softer and more flexible. Developed specifically for sensitive skin. Latex-free and non-irritating. Our makeup sponge have excellent blendability. Helps you achieve a flawless finish and minimizes product waste. You can use the bottom and sides of the blending sponge for quick application, or the top for contouring and precise application. BEAKEY makeup sponge set meets all your needs.

We firmly believe that quality products don't have to be expensive. With this belief in mind, we have created the BEAKEY makeup sponge set with professional-grade performance. It meets the exacting demands of makeup artists, while remaining affordable for anyone looking for premium products.

  • Superior Material: BEAKEY makeup sponge applicator was designed with a revolutionary foam technology. latex-free, cruelty-free as well as 100% vegan. Fine texture with evenly distributed porosity, it is easy to pick up cosmetics with minimal product waste.
  • Flawless Makeup: The unique material makes the makeup sponge bouncy as well as soft. The super-soft foundation sponge provides you with a smooth and even blend, which ensures an impeccable application.
  • Widely Applicable: Wet or dry, it's perfect for everything from foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, sunscreen and more. When fully wet, the makeup sponge becomes softer and more flexible, making it easier to apply make-up evenly.
  • Affordable Set: The set contains 6 makeup sponge applicators, which are convenient to use with different cosmetics and easy to replace, they are reusable and easy to clean.
  • Great Gift Idea: Outstanding products and affordability are never opposites! Here is a practical and impressive gift for mom, wife & friends.


How to Use

  • Fully soak BEAKEY makeup sponge, squeeze out excess water, you will feel its amazing softness and elasticity. Apply the right amount of cream or liquid makeup to your face, use the wet beauty sponge blender to dab evenly for a flawless application.
  • Wet makeup sponge: Perfect for liquid makeup, such as BB cream, concealer, liquid foundation, etc. A soaked foundation sponge won't absorb much of them, thus avoiding wastage.
  • Dry makeup sponge: Suitable for powder cosmetics, such as blush, loose powder, highlighters, etc. If you make a mistake, you can use a dry makeup sponge blender to remove any excess cosmetics easily.

How to Clean

  1. Wet the blending sponge with water, add appropriate amount of cleaner.
  2. Press and rub the makeup sponge gently until it foams up.
  3. Rinse well and squeeze out excess water, wipe with a clean towel if necessary.
  4. Air-dry the beauty sponge blender in a ventilated area.

Maintenance Guide

  • We recommend that you wash your makeup sponge after each use.
  • Please avoid twisting the makeup blender sponge or scratching it with your nails when cleaning.
  • It is best to replace the sponge for makeup with a new one every month to ensure good makeup application.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 846 reviews

This product is exactly the same, if not better, than the makeup sponges that sell for $20.


I love this brand and I will only use these sponges.

Angela Naomi
It looks like nice

Good value for money, Good Choice

Tamecia Pettiford
you get what you pay for

the makeup sponge is soft and feels good. The makeup effect is good.

This product is amazing!

Easy to use and suitable for home use.