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BEAKEY 12 Pcs Black Triangle Powder Puffs

BEAKEY 12 Pcs Black Triangle Powder Puffs

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  • Precision Design: The pointed tip and rounded sides ensure easy application in tricky corners and larger areas, eliminating uneven coverage.
  • Ultra-Soft & Breathable: Made with plush velvet and a super-soft sponge, it offers ultimate comfort and avoids powder wastage for a smooth finish.
  • Adaptable Use: Perfect for all makeup types—use dry for powders and damp for creams and liquids.
  • Convenient Size: Features a handy finger strap for easy grip, suitable for face, neck, and more.
  • Easy Cleaning & Durable: Machine and hand washable, durable, and comes in a pack of 12 for long-term use.

How to Use

1.To use a powder puff, start with clean, moisturized skin and apply any primer or foundation.
2.Lightly press the puff into your powder, tap off excess, and gently press and roll it onto your skin, focusing on oily areas.
3.Use a sweeping motion to blend the powder evenly.
4.For touch-ups, carry the puff with you.

About cleaning

1.Regularly wash it with mild soap and warm water, then air dry completely for hygiene.
2.Machine and hand washable, this 12-pack offers long-lasting use and convenience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 645 reviews
Nick Padilla

Cheaper than a beauty sprayer.

dancy gal
Nice powder puffs

Doesn't waste your powder makeup

You need them

Absolutely fantastic product, very soft and good quality. Highly recommend trying them out!

Kasie Taulbert

I wasn't sure what texture/fabric I was expecting, but it's not this fluffy velvet. But it's perfect! My foundation goes on very smoothly and doesn't crease or clump. I can't stand it when my makeup looks cakey and grey - this is the perfect tool to avoid that. I love it!

Great Deal!

Perfect little velvet sponges - great value for money!