Why is Beakey the Top-selling makeup sponge of Amazon?

Why is Beakey the Top-selling makeup sponge of Amazon?

With the appearance of makeup sponge in popular makeup video, blender sponges have been known by more and more makeup lovers, and become a daily necessity for makeup girls. It is very soft, easy to mix foundation liquid on the face, and can absorb some extra makeup to make the face look less greasy.


 There are many well-known makeup sponge brands on the market, such as Beautyblender, Real Techniques, many people may not have heard of beakey, but on Amazon, it is the top-selling makeup sponge, why do people like it? Someone looked at the price and said it must be because of the low price: you can buy 5 pieces for $10. This is certainly one of its advantages, but you can't ignore other advantages. Let’s find out what people who bought it say.

“ I would say these are very comparable high end blending sponges for a fraction of the price. Easy to use, soft, applies foundation & blends my bronzer well. They also are a lot easier to clean than many of the blending sponges I have used in the past - not sure why, but definitely a major plus! ”, Jilbo Baggins said.

Here is a very detailed description of the customer:

"I bought these after trying at least three other make up blenders, and these are by far the best. I never tried the original beauty blender because of the high price point for one, but I think these must work just as well, for a fraction of the cost. I tried at least two other similar sponge blenders and they worked pretty well, but with those, 1) I felt like they sucked up a lot of makeup, even damp, and 2) I felt like the sponge broke down and developed "splits" in the foam after only a few weeks. Given the price, I would have been satisfied with that, but then I stumbled upon these almost 6 months ago, and realized I had wasted money on those other products. These are fantastic. Seriously, I purchased these in March -Its now October- and I still have one left in the package, and only just started using the 4th one so I have a while to go before I'm out. I'm purchasing a new set right now though, which made me think to write this review.

I believe some people use these dry, but I always use them wet; I think it helps with not sucking up so much make up to use a damp sponge. I also think it helps really blend the foundation into my skin (I tried those silicone ones and bleh! It was like mopping makeup all over my face, I could not get the makeup to blend smoothly!). I also think it helps to keep my face looking moisturized throughout the day. I have problem skin, with hormonal acne around my period, and cystic pimples that come out when I'm stressed (which is often) and I use a lot of strong treatments on my face (salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide, tea tree oil, etc.) that can result in drying, peeling skin, and I feel like this sponge helps apply over these areas smoothly. I also tend to end up with scabs and think that the sponge also does a reasonable job to help camouflage these spots with concealer.

I use the sponge each morning to put on my liquid foundation and sometimes concealer. I use an antibacterial gel soap (from bath and body works!) to gently work out the old makeup every day; it takes about 30 seconds, and it cleans up, almost like new each time. The only reason why I switch every 4-6 weeks is because the sponge will eventually develop cracks from daily use and cleaning, which doesn't allow the makeup to apply as smoothly. What is kind of strange is that I noticed that the pink ones seem to hold up and clean up much better than the other colors. Maybe that is just a coincidence.

Overall, at $2.00 a sponge, I could not be happier. I have encouraged my sisters to purchase these, and encourage anyone reading to purchase as well. I really don't know how I ever applied makeup with my fingers!"

Of course, some people don't like them. Many people think that the beakey blender sponge absorbs too much liquid foundation. Here I want to say that you must use wet makeup sponge with liquid foundation, the effect of wet one is best, and I am talking about all the makeup sponge.
As for why you should use the wet makeup sponge, you can read this article.
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