The Essential Guide to Makeup Sponges

The Essential Guide to Makeup Sponges

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, a makeup sponge is the best beauty ally to make your makeup look seamless and precise. It's clean, hygienic, easier to handle, much cheaper to deal with and can be used as a wet or dry sponge for completely different makeup looks.


If you're new to the makeup world or have been confused about picking a good makeup sponge, here's an in-depth look at the basics about makeup sponges.


  1. Resilience: Ideal sponges are soft and flexible. A sponge with good resilience is comfortable to use and gives a good finish to your make-up, and does not deform in the long run.


  1. Pore density: too large pores are easy to eat powder powder, too dense pores are easy to float powder fake face, make make-up sponge on the face will not feel so smooth, and will make make-up become more difficult.


  1. Material: the beauty sponge on the market is divided into latex and non-latex materials. However, latex is an allergen and the latex material is more prone to flaking. The easiest way to distinguish between latex and non-latex materials is to soak in water. Latex does not get bigger in water, but non-latex does.


  1. Shape: Depending on what you're using your makeup sponge for, the right shape and size is important to allow for different products to be used on different areas of the face. Round sponges are great for blending creamy products without leaving lines, while sponges with flat edges are great for dipping and patting powders. Mini sponges and spiked sponges are great for applying product to small areas of the face.


BEAKEY's latex-free makeup sponges are safe and environmentally friendly, with a fine, soft, flexible texture for all skin types. You can feel its skin-friendly comfort with just a gentle press. With moderate density and expansion in water, it is highly absorbent but does not suck up all the make-up, does not leave any traces on the skin, more convincing on make-up, more suitable for sensitive skin. Our sponges come in different shapes and sizes to suit all your make-up needs, and they are also very easy to clean.


Whether you want a natural daytime look or a dramatic evening look, the right sponge and technique can make all the difference!

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