The Correct Way to Use a Makeup Sponge

The Correct Way to Use a Makeup Sponge

The biggest characteristic of a sponge is its ability to "absorb water." If you use a dry makeup sponge to apply foundation, it will not only feel hard but also be very absorbent. It will soak up the moisture from the product, reducing its hydrating effect. This can lead to problems such as uneven makeup application, powder clumping, and the subsequent foundation appearing patchy.

Does wetting mean applying makeup with a completely soaked sponge? Of course not.


Wetting the beauty sponge isn't about retaining the moisture inside, but rather to make it expand, alter its texture, enhance its softness and fit, and render it more user-friendly.


If you apply makeup with a sponge that's overly damp, the excess water will dilute the foundation, resulting in a poor blending effect, patchy makeup, and diminished coverage.


So, the correct way to prep a makeup sponge before applying makeup is as follows:


Dip the makeup sponge in water and squeeze until it's fully saturated and has doubled in size. When wet, the sponge becomes softer. If it hasn't been cleaned prior or if it's a first-time use, you might want to use soap or detergent to ensure it's clean. Gently squeeze to drain the water from the sponge until it stops dripping. Never wring the sponge too hard. Finally, wrap the sponge in a face towel or paper towel and press gently to ensure there's no excess moisture. This ensures the sponge won't absorb an excessive amount of your makeup products.


Next, the beauty sponge can be used to apply everything from liquids to powders, and from cream blushes to contours.


Dab the product on the back of your hand, use the sponge to pick up the makeup, or use your fingers to distribute foundation evenly on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Avoid dotting it on, as this might result in uneven coverage. Then, use the damp sponge to blend the foundation outward. Cream makeup can also be applied with a brush and then blended using the same motion with a makeup sponge for optimal results. Use the tip of the sponge or a mini sponge for harder-to-reach areas like around the nose, eyes, and mouth corners.


For blush, use the broader side of the sponge to dab it onto the apples of your cheeks or blend the makeup diagonally upwards. The sponge's tip aligns closely with facial contours, making it perfect for contouring. Dip the sponge into the contour product, apply to your face, and gently spread to achieve the desired shadowing. The result is incredibly natural!


For pressed or loose powders, the sponge excels at picking up the product. Using a "press and roll" action ensures a better makeup setting.


Employing the above method minimizes the sponge's makeup absorption, making the application process smoother and quicker. The outcome is not only more natural-looking makeup but also a sponge that can be reused multiple times, offering cost savings.


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