How to use different shapes of makeup sponge

How to use different shapes of makeup sponge

The makeup sponges are a must-have makeup tool for most makeup novices because they are more delicate than freehand makeup, easier to use than makeup brushes, and apply makeup faster, which makes them perfect for commuting makeup. But there are always makeup artists who complain that their beauty sponges don't work well, so why do other people apply makeup quickly and evenly, and create a full makeup with just one egg? Let's see if you're choosing the right shape and using the right part of the sponge!

Different shapes of beauty sponges have different sides, taking into account the different parts of the face, but also to better meet the different needs of the foundation, concealer, loose powder and some color cosmetics.


Teardrop Shape


The classic teardrop design ensures a dead-end makeup application, making it more friendly for makeup novices.


The tip at the top can be used for small and difficult to handle areas such as around the eyes, corners of the mouth, and the nose to apply makeup with precision, and it can also be used to apply concealer to cover blemishes.


The curved surface in the center can be used for large areas such as cheeks, neck, etc. to press or roll on the makeup; dab loose powder to set makeup or blush, the effect will also be more natural.

The bottom of the rounded end is used for forehead and T-zone foundation, and the makeup effect will be more porcelain than the curved side.


HULU Shape


The gourd-shaped shape is easier to hold in your hand because of its two arcs, and the double-ended design also helps to switch and retouch in different areas.


The pointy end of the gourd shape is also suitable for detailing, and can be used in hard-to-reach areas such as the T-zone, around the eyes, around the lips, and on the nose.


The curved side makes it easy to apply makeup to the bridge of the nose and chin, enabling a perfect fit.


The base can be used on cheeks and forehead for a natural and flattering finish.


Teardrop Slant Cut


Tip: For small areas around the eyes and mouth.


Slant Cut: The cut design not only spreads the foundation over a large area, but also makes it easier to apply highlight or finishing products, which can easily achieve a sharp contour effect.


Curved side: Suitable for whole face to press the foundation and pat it on, and to stick the foundation and pat it to set the makeup.



Mini make up sponge:


Extra-compact beauty sponge that is mainly used for fine areas.


The tip can be used for eyes and small areas to conceal and set makeup with more precision and naturalness.


The curved side can be used to apply makeup partially, making it easier to apply and more detailed than larger eggs.


The bottom can also be used for applying cream makeup, liquid blush, or to focus on unsatisfactory areas of makeup.


In short, different types of makeup sponges have their unique applications, and choosing the right beauty sponge can help you better complete your daily makeup or professional makeup and achieve perfect makeup results

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