How To Clean Makeup Sponge

How To Clean Makeup Sponge

Puff, Makeup sponge cleaning tips

I believe that every girl who loves make-up knows that puffs, makeup sponges, brushes, etc. should be cleaned frequently. If used for too long, it is easy to breed bacteria, leading to skin problems such as acne~

How to clean makeup sponge quickly and with high quality, not everyone knows~ 

Let's take the makeup sponge as an example to tell everyone about this secret...

1. Prepare the sponge Cleaner, such as DAISO Puff Sponge Cleaner

This is a special purpose to clean up the puff, makeup sponge, I did not know when I thought that using makeup remover can wash off, but I found that really can not!

2. Prepare a Fresh bag 

3. Put the sponge into it, add the right amount of water, and add a few drops of makeup Sponge Cleaner.

4. Start kneading this bag, you can see the water slowly changing color


5. After a few time, take out the makeup sponge and wash it again.


 This way really works very well!

I used to clean it by hand and found it took a long time to clean it!


The second method that I saw on YouTube works well. 


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