How can I make my makeup last longer in the summer? Who invented this method?

The arrival of summer brings trouble to every girl who loves makeup. The exquisite makeup painted before going out will be destroyed by sweat immediately after going out. Recently, there has been a seemingly stupid but very useful method. That is, after the normal makeup(Except eye makeup), apply the makeup setting/finishing powder, and then soak your face in the water for 30 seconds. After the face is naturally dried, you can make up your eyes.

After the completion of the makeup can be maintained longer in the summer, I do not know what the principle is, but some netizens reflect this method is really useful.

Then, based on the principles of this method, we found a better way with our makeup sponge. That is to change the step of soaking water into a wet makeup sponge, press the face with the wet makeup sponge, and feel the water of the makeup sponge gently into the makeup face.  You will make your makeup last longer in the summer by this method.

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