Have you mastered proper makeup techniques?

Have you mastered proper makeup techniques?

  1. Foundation

When applying foundation liquid need to be divided into areas on the makeup, if the foundation point coated in the whole face, and then use the beauty egg to push away, there are some makeup-holding foundation happens on the other side has not been photographed evenly, the bottom of the makeup has been mottled and lumps. Foundation brush a small number of times evenly dipped in foundation liquid flat to the face, or with a make up sponge press and pat the makeup in the area, in easy to card powder, not serviceable nose and T-area focus on pressing, you can press a few times more.

  1. Concealer

①Color concealer should be used before the foundation, skin color concealer can be used before the foundation, can also be used after the foundation.

②It can also be decided according to the degree of facial blemishes. If you have a lot of blemishes on your skin, use it before foundation. Girls with few skin blemishes can use it after foundation.

Use a concealer brush or mini makeup sponge to dip a small amount of concealer product, blend it on the back of your hand or on the color mirror and apply it to the facial blemishes, then gently smudge it around the perimeter and spread it out.

  1. Setting

After applying foundation and concealer, it's time to set your face. Use a loose powder brush or a triangular short velvet puff evenly dipped in makeup setting products to set a large area of the face, and use the tip of the puff to set a small area around the eyes or nose.

Understanding the order of application, choosing the right products and tools, and mastering the correct application techniques will make your foundation more natural. Use BEAKEY beauty tools to help you create a more perfect foundation!

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