Guide to using makeup brushes for newbies

Guide to using makeup brushes for newbies

Heavy makeup and visible blemishes? Can't draw delicate eye makeup? A big reason is the wrong makeup application tools and techniques. If you want your makeup to be exquisite and flattering, learn to use the correct makeup brush brush type and master makeup techniques, and your makeup will make progress

But for makeup novice, many brushes may buy on idle, because really do not know how to use these brushes, today to introduce the novice should learn to use the most 7 kinds of makeup brushes.


Today, we will introduce the 7 types of makeup brushes that newbies should learn how to use. The main brushes that newbies use for facial makeup are the powder brush and the blush brush.


Why don't you have a foundation brush? Foundation brushes are good for applying makeup, but for newbies with limited skills, it is easy to get uneven, patchy, and brush marks. For daily makeup application, you can just use a beauty egg, which is fast and easy to apply makeup!


  1. Loose Powder Brush


Most of the loose powder will be equipped with a powder puff, but it is not recommended that sisters use a powder puff to set makeup. Because the powder puff is not uniform, the powder is easy to pile up and cause powder jam. Use a loose powder brush evenly dipped in a large area of loose powder, swept in a circular or massage way on the skin.

  1. Blush Brush


Blush brushes must be fluffy and soft, and have a certain ability to grasp the powder, brush on the face will not appear on the color of the situation is too heavy, and will not damage the foundation has been put on. The slant of the blush brush is more suitable for human facial lines, in the range of the tail of the apple muscle to the temples from inside to outside lightly swept and blurred. Can better enhance the face color

Eye makeup is the main focus of the whole makeup look, so painting a delicate eye makeup usually requires many brushes.


For newbies, we need at least three basic eyeshadow brushes, the most basic being a laying brush (large eyeshadow brush), a detail coloring brush (small eyeshadow brush), and an eyeshadow smudging brush.



  1. Large eyeshadow brush


The first step of eye makeup is to use a large eyeshadow brush to lay down the color first, the large eyeshadow brush can better control the range of blending. The tongue-shaped eyeshadow brush can make the eyeshadow base color more clean and even. In addition, when using the brush, pay attention to the end of the eye from the end of the pen forward blending.


  1. Detail Brush


Detail brush is also a must-have, brush bristles dense tongue-shaped flat head brush, can better control the scope of halo. It is mainly used for coloring the details of the head and tail of the eye, the lower eyelid, or drawing eyeliner with eye shadow. The key to drawing a fine eye makeup is also in the details of the outline, use the attention of the color of the heaviest first pen to fall on the root of the eyelashes, a small number of times on the color, do not exert too much force, easy to produce color blocks.

  1. Eyeshadow Staining Brush


Eyeshadow smudge brush is also a must, the bristles must be fluffy and longer hair, can be a good eyeshadow smudge open, so that the hard edge of the transition to a more soft and natural. Beginners choose to stain brush, it is recommended to choose a smaller, better control of the range of staining, the brush head to choose a little round, or conical, staining details of the ability to be better.


  1. Eyebrow Brush


Outlining your eyebrows with a flat, angled eyebrow brush is the best option! It is capable of tracing a very narrow area and can also apply color very well. It can be used for contouring, color filling and smudging.


  1. Concealer Brush


A must-have for novice makeup artists with facial blemishes would be a concealer brush. The flat head of the concealer brush is super practical, the front is suitable for covering large blemishes such as dark circles, and the side can be used to cover tear troughs, lines, etc., blemish skin girls must have.


Makeup brushes have a great impact on makeup, only choose the right tool, master the right method, makeup can be clean and advanced. Usually, you also need to practice more, in order to master the skills of applying makeup, to create the makeup you want.

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