Do you understand your makeup brushes?

Do you understand your makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes typically consist of three parts: the handle, ferrule, and bristles.

Inexpensive brushes often use plastic or acrylic handles, while mid to high-end makeup brushes are crafted with metal or wooden handles, enhancing durability and elevating their overall quality.

The ferrule, the middle part of the brush, is made of metal and serves to securely hold the bristles in place using adhesive. Common materials for ferrules include brass, copper, and aluminum, with brass being the strongest. Some manufacturers also nickel plate the ferrules to prevent corrosion.

Bristles form the essence of a makeup brush and determine its value. The market offers a variety of brushes made from synthetic fibers, natural animal hair, or a blend of both.

For environmental and cost considerations, polymer brushes have been developed. They offer advantages such as flexibility, smoothness, affordability, easy maintenance, and a longer lifespan. With advancements in synthetic fiber technology, animal hair brushes are gradually being replaced by higher-quality synthetic alternatives.

The BEAKEY brand adheres to principles of environmental conservation and animal protection. Our makeup brushes use high-quality synthetic bristles arranged densely for a soft and smooth feel, ensuring even and smooth application. The ferrule features thickened metal and double-layer compression, enhancing durability. The handle is designed based on ergonomic principles, providing an optimal grip for improved precision and comfort during makeup application.

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