A Beginner’s Guide to Triangle Powder Puff

A Beginner’s Guide to Triangle Powder Puff

In the vast array of makeup tools, the triangle powder puff often doesn't make it into the regular makeup kit as often as sponges and brushes. It can sometimes be overlooked, especially by makeup beginners who may not be accustomed to using it. However, the triangle powder puff is a fantastic beauty tool that deserves a place in your makeup arsenal.

The triangle powder puff is usually made of velvet fabric and sponge material, with a fine texture and soft touch. The triangular design allows the puff to easily reach every corner of the face, especially around the eyes and nose, areas that are typically difficult to apply makeup to.

How to Use a Triangle Powder Puff

Basic Application: Wet the puff and squeeze out any excess water to prevent the puff from absorbing too much foundation. Apply an appropriate amount of foundation to the back of your hand and lightly dip the pointed corner of the puff. Gently tap from the center of the face outward in a pressing motion to distribute the foundation evenly.

Detailed Coverage: Use the pointed corner of the puff for more precise coverage of small areas, such as under the eyes and the sides of the nose. You can also use the edge of the puff to scoop up a small amount of concealer and gently dab it onto areas that need coverage.

Setting with the Puff: Use a dry or slightly moistened puff to gently press setting powder to help set your makeup. Especially in the T-zone and under the eyes, a good amount of setting can help prevent makeup from settling and creasing.

Beakey triangle powder puff is not only suitable for beginners but also a great helper for professional makeup artists. It's easy to use and can help you achieve a more detailed and perfect makeup look. Hope you'll be able to make better use of this little beauty tool and make your makeup application more flawless.

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